What I do?


My web based content management system that allows anyone to change the content on their web site without having to ask a web design company to make the changes for them.


I help clients to improve their Intranets.

Web design/development

I design and develop web sites for clients and non business organisations.

Web Project Management

I project manage Intranet and web site builds, utilising latest technology to achieve intuitive and easy to use results.


I write on-line help, APIs, training material and technical documentation for hardware.

Freelance Web Developer

M Plant

I specialise in websites and web applications based on PHP and MySQL. With over ten years experience developing and programming dynamic websites with PHP and MySQL, I am also fluent in Perl, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, CSS, XHTML, and many other programming languages.

I develop OO PHP web applications using MVC and Frameworks and upgrade existing PHP code. I analyse complex business processes and transfer them to simple, straight forward on-line processes.

TWeB Content Management System

Do you want to make changes to your web site without having to ask a web design company to do it for you?

Then TWeB CMS is your first choice!

TWeB CMS is my web based content management system (CMS) I built using PHP and MySQL that anyone can use to edit their website without using a web designer. You can download TWeB and upload and install it in your website, or I can install TWeB and build your site for you so that you can then edit your website as much as you want. Edit content in a wysiwyg editor, choose one of the layouts provided, or order your own unique layout, add dynamic forms, questionnaires, e-commerce, and much, much more. You control when and how to update your web site!

This web site is built with TWeB

Learn how TWeB can give you a professional web site with the ability to instantly change the content when you need it. Intuitive and easy to use with amazing results every time.


Read Testimonials to see what others have to say about TWeB.

InvoiceTWeB Invoices

TWeB Invoices is a simple secure PHP Application that uses XML to store invoices in your website. It allows your clients to access and pay your invoices online via PayPal.

A simple password protected dashboard enables full control of your invoices.

Recent work

Truro-Penwith College - Truro, England

PHP web developer building online web portal for booking and paying for part time courses online. Application built in Slim PHP framework using bootstrap for RWD and SQL Server stored procedures.


Cigna Insurance - Bournemouth, England

PHP web developer working on claims portals using Slim PHP framework, SOAP and Smarty PHP template engine to build MVC bespoke web portals. Used SOAP and cURL to call web services using JSON and XML.


RLA- Bournemouth, England

PHP web developer working on bespoke CMS using OOPHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS, Javascript/jQuery and Ajax. Reverse engineering legacy PHP to update and add new functionality to CMS, with a strong emphasis on PHP security.


UNHCR- Geneva, Switzerland

Security Audit of UNHCR website correcting any vuneralbilities protecting against XXS, SQL Injection, Session Hijacking and file uploads.